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Sayulita, Mexico // That #SayulitaLife

Sayulita, Mexico // That #SayulitaLife

As I’m writing this on the plane, I think I’m even more sad departing Sayulita this time than I was a year ago on this exact same day. Now having been back again I’m even more in love, having noticed new vibrant sights to see and being reminded of how amazing that “Vacation State of Mind” really is. If Rahim and Mr Watson weren’t anxiously awaiting my arrival tonight, I might have “accidentally” missed my flight today… 

Since I already detailed the crap out of last year’s trip so Sayulita, I figured I’d keep this real short text-wise and just show you all the amazing pictures I took this trip. I paid a lot more attention to the architecture around Sayulita this time and attempted to remember the names of places I shopped and ate at. Let’s see how I did!


tequila in the Puerto Vallarta Airport, going to Sayulita, Mexico // little bird in paradise

1. Make sure you do not miss the margaritas when you get out of customs!! Sometimes there are ladies delivering them to you, otherwise you need to make a left immediately after customs and you’ll see a table full on mini margs. DO NOT buy a time share (unless you’re in the market…?), just grab your margarita, drop a peso or two tip and hightail it out of there

2. Beach Bar Restaurant! Amazing mango margaritas with swings instead of chairs right on the beach - need I say more? Oh yeah, amazing guac! Now I'm done :)


3. Coffee on the Corner - super legit lattes (you guys know I’m a snob, so it’s legit) and the oh-so-important adorable decor inside. I'm told the breakfast is also great although we didn't have time to try it ourselves.

4. Chocobanana - if you’ve heard anything about Sayulita prior to my blog, it’s probably this place. Great coffee and brunch, but most of all best chocolate covered frozen bananas! You pick your toppings and they are perfectly frozen yet soft enough to eat. Highly recommend you plan for this place multiple times

5. Any random coconut stand. Do it. I love these

6. Il Gelato Italiano - great little gelato place right across from Sayulita Sol (amazing jewelry store) that also has bomb-diggity crepes

7. Tacos El Ivan - this is the taco place from Katy & Brad’s wedding. Just as good as I remembered them! Plus watching the guy swiftly cut pineapple and catch the pieces in your taco is not to be missed

8. Blue Corn Mama Cafe - we didn’t actually eat here, but you can’t miss this scenery!

Blue Corn Mama Cafe with a hot pink wall in Sayulita, Mexico // little bird in paradise

9. La Rustica - we had brunch here last year but they appear to be only open for dinner now… Which I’m not mad about because it was DELICIOUS! Pizza, pasta, salads, seafood and amazzzzing drinks. Too amazing in fact because they really wiped us all out! To quote Christa, our guava strawberry margaritas tasted “Just like Baby Juice!”

Tierra Viva is a perfect lunch spot right by the beach in Sayulita, Mexico // little bird in paradise

10. Tierra Viva - this place was a true gem to find! I had bruschetta of all things but they had fantastic breakfast and a great quaint atmosphere right along our new favorite street. With free wifi and an iguana on top (literally, one sits on their roof and stares at you while you eat) what could be better?

11. Sayuita Fish Taco - this may be your average out-of-this-world fish taco joint in Sayulita, but on the roof there’s a tequila tasting room! They boast 300 types of tequila but you really get 6. Either way worth the view from the top and of how cute the outside of this store is!

12. And the best for last…I found out the name of the carnitas I was raving about last time - Carnitas Prietos. I also discovered this place is only open from 9am-3pm on every day except Wednesday. EAT HERE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. These are the best tacos I’ve had in my entire life and the whole group backed me up on this. At 15 pesos per (less than $1 USD) and the best damn homemade tortillas in the world, this is an absolute must have! My only regret is not eating these more.

**not pictured but worth mentioning: Orangy for amazing smoothies and British humo(u)r, and El Espresso for scrumptious brunch!


1. Botic Art gallery - gallery that has LOVE written all over the outside with authentic Mexican vases and artwork inside. LOVE!

2. Esto Es Mexico - this shop with the Dies de los Muertas wedding couple mural outside brought me my teal skull that I can’t wait to hang at home!

3. Revolución Del Sueño - another fantastic shop that brought me my Mexican blanket (Nicole and Christa have matching ones in rainbow) with tons of vibrant colors and pom poms. These blankets are way cheaper in Mexico than you’d find in America (+ not sold out!) and handmade locally. Can’t wait to sit on this at Barnsdall!

4. Las Hamacas - is it a cop out to add this here?! We stayed here so I have an obvious bias, but I spent over half my time in Sayulita in Las Hamacas’ pool and I am not mad about it! We even ran into one of our Chica Locca friends randomly at the pool “oh yeah I was here for a wedding last weekend!” Not to mention all the patios overlooking the ocean... yeah we like it here :)


5. Calle Marlin - boy am I glad Christa & Christine literally stumbled upon this street! I hadn’t seen this at all my first trip to Sayulita and now I think it will be one of my first destinations. 

There's so much interesting and inspiring graffiti to see around the main square in Sayulita, Mexico. You could wander for hours and be continually surprised by unique and artistically beautiful graffiti.


6. Evoke - this store had some of the most beautiful pieces I’ve seen. All handmade gorgeous pastels and neutral colors, I could have moved in there! Lucky for me Christa bought half of it so all I need to do is go to her house to enjoy the beauty ;). They also teach classes! If we didn’t have to go to the airport, we would have been taking this macrame class FOR SURE

Macrame workshop going on in Sayulita, Mexico, put on by Evoke. Evoke is a store full of macrame wall hangings, planters, hand made pots and vases, and beautifully painted skulls. #sayulitalife

7. Who am I kidding - everywhere in Sayulita is so beautiful you just must go wander, get lost and see it for yourself!



It wouldn’t have been a trip to Sayulita without a ride on the Chica Locca! We went somewhere new this year to a beach Yelapa across the bay from Puerto Vallarta. It was very nice to explore a new beach and town, but I definitely was wishing we were at the Murrieta Island Reserve!

There was a small jaunt to a waterfall that we did not partake on and instead hung on the beach. If you want to buy horrible Mexican ganja, this is your spot. You can also spend $5 USD to get a picture with an iguana!! This dude was super rad (by dude I mean the iguana, not his handler of course). Beware - this beach is like India in the sense that they see “Americans!” and flock you trying to sell all sorts of crap. Hold your ground this stuff is not worth purchasing!

After Yelapa we stopped at an awesome calm area of the ocean and got to paddle board, kayak and tube for a but. I’m pretty sure this is where my sunburn really started to develop. I cannot stress reapplying sunscreen on the Chica Locca enough! Nonstop Coronas + all day sun = DANGER ZONE. At least we looked cute and had fun while we were burn-baby-burning!

One of the best things about this Chica Locca trip was that apparently the locals LOVE Yelapa (maybe it’s their only place to buy ganja??), so most of our boat was Sayulitans! We had a ton of fun chatting with them and even exchanged a few emails for the next time we’re back. Who doesn’t love a group of drunk, lovable Americans?!


Per usual, I will leave you with the break taking views of the beach and sunsets. There’s one main beach along Sayulita and I recommend spending as much time at it as warm beautiful water with amazingly fun waves and the best views! 

Well I’m going to go pass out as the mixture of tequila, Coronas and sun has really wiped me out this week (can I haz post-vacation vacation, plzzz????). Buuuuut I really hope you plan a trip to Sayulita soon and let me know which little nooks and crannies of this amazing city you found!! Just take me in your suitcase, please.

Adios Amigos,

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Sayulita, Mexico // #TBT Flagoski Fiesta

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