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Sayulita, Mexico // #TBT Flagoski Fiesta

Sayulita, Mexico // #TBT Flagoski Fiesta

In honor of my upcoming 1 year anniversary trip back to Sayulita (Katy and Brad's actual 1 year wedding anniversary - my anniversary of being introduced to my favorite place on Earth though :)), I thought I'd post a #TBT of last year's trip since I didn't have this blog then!

Let me preface by saying I used to be one of those "I hate Mexico" people. I had only been to all inclusive resorts in Cancun and Cabo, so I didn't understand the incredible beauty and rich culture that is Mexico. This is why Sayulita is my favorite place on Earth - perfect weather, breathtaking beaches, amazing carnitas tacos for 25 cents, random wonderful animals roaming around and no worries besides finding the "Pie Guy" in the evening to put in your next day's order (more on that later).

We arrived at the Puerto Vallarta airport in pure heaven. They handed us mini margaritas once we passed customs, and since we had to wait for a few folks to arrive on the next flight we had time to grab our first tacos of the trip. They were amazing - which was just foreshadowing for how amazing ALL the tacos were. Once we collected the crew it was a quick 45 minute jaunt via shuttle with Sayulita VIP Transportation. Really well priced and a great comfortable ride. Not to mention he also let us stop at Mexico's version of Costco (I forget the name, will update when I get back next week).

So first lets talk about how amazing Las Hamacas is. For Katy & Brad’s wedding we rented out the entire place which was a real bonus. There are several huts on the complex - and by huts I mean gorgeous nicely furnished Adobe style 3 bedroom 3 baths with those type of open showers that would fit 5 people. The front "Serena" house faces the ocean and has a spectacular view of the beach that is literally steps away from the Serena hut. There's also an amazing pool right in the middle with lounge chairs, grills and patios surrounding. I'm not gonna lie, I did 0 research prior to coming to Sayulita (thanks Katy for planning this!), but I can't see better accommodations than this.

After pool all day, we spent the whole night on the beach. It's surreal how gorgeous and secluded this place is. There were a few kids boogie boarding (and adorable dogs roaming around), but it's mostly just you, your friends and the ocean. Sounds awful, right?!

Like I mentioned above, there's also this guy who comes by Las Hamacas in the evenings called the "Pie Guy" (that's really all we know him as). He checks to see what kind of hand pies you want for the morning, and fresh delivers them straight out of the oven back to you in the morning. We had pies every single morning that had fresh blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and apricots. Highly recommend you find this guy! [note: no pictures of said pies because we ate them before I could snap a photo]

The town of Sayulita is adorable and quaint in all the right ways. Vibrant pops of teal, green and pink can be found on almost every house and storefront. You can get delicious tacos (read: best of my life) anywhere for 25cents - and these are miles better than any taco you can get in LA. More random dogs and donkeys scattered the streets with lots of happy Sayulitans too. Not to mention the International Stand Up Paddleboard Competition was there, so tons of blonde, tan paddle boarders from all over the world were there. 

Wedding day started off with nonstop cocktails being served to us from the boys while Katy got ready. Thanks boys! We also started a puzzle because, well it's us. My friend Beth brought us flash tats so we applied those of course as we continued to take tons of pictures of the breathtaking place.

We stalked the happy couple as they were taking pictures, too ;)

And Rahim didn't look half bad himself... ;)

Some more shenanigans happened before the ceremony as well, like group tequila shots, Katy cheers-ing Brad from the upper patio and everyone trying to take their last pictures before all the hairs got the frizzies.

My favorite thing about Katy and Brad’s wedding was that it was right on the beach. No frills, no shoes, we all just walked down to the beach with their amazing officiant Gaby and photographer Beth. The ceremony was perfect for them (and nice & short!) and I think beyond the beautiful sunset, everyone had a little tear in their eye. To see all of the official wedding photos, check out Beth's website here.

After the wedding was also THE BEST. I think every wedding from now on should have a "taco guy." They just brought a big thing of carnitas that they shaved off onto freshly made and grilled tortillas with a bit of pineapple. I had a whopping 9 tacos...and Rahim...had....TWENTY TWO!! He won the taco eating contest but lost a bit of his soul and needed coffee to rejuvenate and rejoin the living. This is how good they were!

The sunset was breathtaking so after a quick jaunt in the pool (in our dresses!) we ran to the beach and did the same. Check out the slo-mo video of the pool jump here. Spent the rest of the day enjoying the beautiful sunset.

The last amazing piece of our vacation (that we're re-doing, yahoo!) was our Chica Locca Boat Ride. They pick you up right in Sayulita and take you up to Puerto Vallarta where the boat is for the day (and bring you back, which goes by a lottttt quicker because alcohol). Katy and Brad rented the whole boat for us which includes a lower bar, two front cargo net layout areas, a stripper pole, two side slides off the top deck, a top deck (lol), paddleboards, tubes, kayaks and ALL YOU CAN DRINK. If you're 2/3 of the way finished with your Corona, before you can blink there is another one in your hand. Needless to say we all got reallllly drunk, but holy crap this trip is amazing.

We stopped off and snorkeled at the Marietas Island Reserve (which I'm told you can longer visit so we're going somewhere else this time?!) which is this amazing Island Cave thing right in the middle of the ocean. Only downside - you literally swim through a (non-life-threatening) jellyfish habitat on your way to the island from the boat. Ow! 

Photo courtesy of the Chica Locca website

Photo courtesy of the Chica Locca website

I will leave you with more gorgeous pictures from the beach off of Las Hamacas. Oh how I can't wait to be back to you Sayulita ;).


Sayulita, Mexico // That #SayulitaLife

Sayulita, Mexico // That #SayulitaLife

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